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Hi Guys, just a bit of a quick update.
The mats are currently in the middle of production.
All but one set have been cut out (still waiting for templates to arrive in germany).
All those with heel pads are currently having them secured to the mats.
All those without heel pads are currently having the edging applied.
So hopefully the last set of templates arrives in the next week or so.
Production should be finished in around 2 weeks (provided the templates turn up in time), and then shipping to Australia can commence.
A couple of things had slowed the production process, one being COVID, another being that this is a sizeable order compared to previous orders. But also, it is their summer over in Germany, so a few people are on leave.
But things are progressing.
As soon as I have confirmation that shipping will commence, I will let everyone know
Thank you for being patient.