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The E46 platform has its what seems normal things to watch out for. M3 will have a ton of information you are looking for as I have even on that forum over 10 years. With the mileage though you will need to start thinking about some of the more common things. If you can do some things yourself you will save a ton. Things to look at with 134k miles

- All cooling components are due to be checked if not done so.
- Bushings if all are original will probably need replaced.
- Check the subframe for cracks.
- Valve Adjustment
- Vanos Check
- Rod Bearing - Less common on E46 Platform

With that I have learned the E46 M3 is hit or miss I have seen people with non stop on going issues at that mileage versus I have had mine for 12 years and really only had to replace a thermostat, battery, 3 alternators (they think my subs are causing it) and regular maintenance. Do I love the car, hell yes. I have no plan of getting rid of it and they are a blast to drive.