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I worked in a dealership for 4 years from 2000-2004 as a service advisor in the U.K.

Long hours, high stress, customers never happy. Saw the other side of German 'build quality and reliability'.

When I started there was a massive problem with 4 cylinder engines thermostats seizing open and the engine not getting up to temperature. Not helpful in winter when it meant people couldn't defrost their cars. It didn't help that parts went on worldwide back order.

Left when there was a massive problem with turbos blowing up particularly on 4 cylinder diesels but also some 6 cylinder diesels. Some cars have 2,3 even 4 turbos replaced before the part was modified.

Some customers were lovely, generally private owners. Dealt with some Lords and Sirs. Most, particularly company car drivers were cunts because they thought driving a base model 316i or 318i made them something special when at the same time they could have had a fully loaded V6 Mondeo, arguably a better car.

The worst customers I ever dealt with were Merc drivers who were all cunts without exception!