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Vossen Wheels are manufacturers of one of the finest luxury and performance wheels in the industry.
Handcrafted in Miami, Florida, Vossen Wheels feature a signature style unique to their brand,
as well as utilize their TUV Verified facility to create strong, lightweight wheels that satisfy both SAE and TUV standards.

Vossen’s beautiful and unique designs have innovated the custom car scene, popularizing the concave wheel still seen in many modified cars today.

Hybrid Forged Series

Advancing the traditional casting process, the Hybrid Forged Series utilizes flow forming to cut down on weight and increase strength.
Flow forming also allows for a great range of wheel widths within each design.

CV Series

Pioneer of the concave, staggered trend, the CV Series employs a low-pressure casting process and delivers classic monoblock designs.

Vossen Forged

Vossen Forged wheels are the signature line of the brand. These wheels are forged using aerospace-grade 6061-T6 aluminum. Vossen Forged wheels are optimized specifically for each vehicle, maximizing concavity and perfecting overall fit.

Precision Series

The flagship of Vossen Forged, the Precision Series is distinguished by signature 30-degree cut angles combined with the perfect lip-to-barrel transition of the Infini-Lip. Every Precision Series wheel is engineered to be superior to the OEM wheel it is replacing and the ultimate fit is achieved by considering the maximum width, offset, and concavity that the car’s dimensions will allow. The signature feature of the Precision Series is the Infini-Lip barrel, embodying simplistic elegance and purity of design.

Vossen Forged Evo and Evo R

Timeless design meets modern functionality–The EVO Series symphonies monoblock structure with a multitude of unique styles, while the EVO R Series symphonies both monoblock & 3-Piece structure with a multitude of unique styles.

Series 21

The pinnacle of Vossen Forged design, Series 21 is filled with the most aggressive and dynamic designs.

Series 17

Aggressive and unique designs comprise Series 17, where any and all ideas and concepts can become reality for nearly any vehicle

LC Series

The Lip Concept Series is aimed at emulating the lip transition of a multi-piece wheel while maintaining a single-piece monoblock forged construction.

LC2 Series

The LC2 Series blends its predecessor, the LC Series, with a variety of interchangeable patterns, for the inner and outer areas of the face.

M-X Series

The M-X Series began with the ML-X2 and its mono-lip feature, expanding into a full lineup of dynamic designs.

HC Series

The HC Series brings an aggressive new styling to the Vossen Forged lineup, characterized by its unique split spoke style at the center and creating a variety of different patterns as the spokes stretch to the barrel.

ERA Series

The ERA Series draws inspiration from the classic multi-piece designs of past eras of style and motorsports, available exclusively in 3-piece forged configuration.

M-R Series

The first of the new Vossen Forged Mono-lip styles, the M-R Series utilizes a multi-piece style outer lip design while maintaining a monoblock forged construction.

GNS Series

The GNS Series harmonizes simplistic styling and forged monoblock construction.

CG Series

The CG Series is characterized by the closed geometry and elegantly-confined patterns within each spoke design.


We offer special transparent color finishes that have been hand polished and/or brushed are finished using transparent powder coats, letting the hand finishing show through any variety of shades.

We also offer solid colors as a standard option. Solid colors vary in shade and smoothness, including gloss, matte, satin, and textured options.

AR Motorwerkz carries the best brands for your BMW M3!
We are a proud dealer of Vossen Wheels, which provides the best in function and form!

Speak with our fitment specialists today!
Experience great customer service and enjoy competitive deals only with us at AR Motorwerkz

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