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Need Some Serious Help...

Bought an E46 M3 from someone that had decent records... Among the records, a professional removed a previously installed aftermarket alarm system and reorganized the stereo equipment that was installed. Lastly, the car is a manual swap as well.

Now the issues... got the car back home. Left for a few days and came back to a dead battery. Replaced it. Alternator was replaced by the guy I bought it from. Then the car wouldn't crank. Replaced negative terminals. Replaced the starter (which was in need of replacing but still not the problem). Moved on to trying clean up the shitty wiring job done on the manual swap. Still nothing.

Finally just decided to bypass the EWS. Started right up.

Fast forward 6 months... still have a battery drain. I can do this trick where I turn on the car, turn on the headlights, take the keys out but the car is still running. The stereo is basically always on, key or no key.

Aside from that, I can't sit in the car with accessory on for 5 minutes before I'm out of juice to start the car. If I don't start the car for about a week, the battery is out of juice.

Example... drove it for about two hours Saturday. Sat in the car for 5 mins on Monday in accessory, battery was at 9 amps and dropped to 7 amps when I tried to crank.

I've been told to target the LSZ, EWS (which my Dme doesn't even recognize or know is in the car), and the Fan Resistor.

If anyone has any other thoughts on where to begin diagnosing this, I'd greatly appreciate it.
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