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I have modified b6s, They're amazing BUT they're not great if you go too low. They're best at about 14.5"/14" ride height (I'm more typical 13.5/13" - I did it though modifications to the plate assembly).

Soooo, I would pair whatever you choose with nice street camber plates that will give more travel so that you can go lower than stock 14.5"/14 with a set of lowering springs. You don't have to, but you'll get more travel.

That said....

H&R set is pretty bad. Rear is good but front is too low and the rate is too low for the drop, batch match.

Dinans are about perfect, but small drop.

Eibachs are my favorite. I always wish the rear drop was a bit more, so I pull the bottom rubber pad (the top pad is still providing cushion for NVH contorl) to gain another 1/4".
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