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So I'm trying to figure out why my brake pedal is falling to floor during full lock.

I've asked on other forums but none seem to really know. My brake pedal started falling to the floor when doing a full lock turn both left and right. Once I straighten the wheel back up the pedal goes back to normal. It also does just fine when I turn but once I go full lock is lost pressure. About 7k miles ago I bled both my master cylinder with brake fluid and flushed my power steering and hydro-boost with Mercon V trans fluid. Since this problem developed just this past week I tried to bleed the power steering/hydro-boost again with no help. Brake fluid is the same as before. No pinched hoses. I'm a loss for words. Is it possible the MC is bad? I tested the hydro-boost by pressing brake pedal 5 times while the truck is off and then holding it. I then start the truck. Pedal drops some then kicks back. This was the procedure from the manual. So HB is good. Just weird it only does this at full lock and returns back to normal when driving normally. I can turn just before the full lock and it doesn't drop the pedal.