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So, this winter/spring I did a ton of engine projects on the wagon (was running when parked, but things need refreshing at 200,000 miles). Entire belt drive system (belts, tensioners, idlers), cooling system, fuel injector rebuild, rod bearings, idle control valve, valve adjustment, and did euro headers/cats/tune (with new precat 02s). All told, there were a couple of areas where I could have done something that would ruin the engine.

A couple of weeks ago I fired it up for the first time to do a test drive. Drove around the block-- everything was fine. Relief was felt.

The next day I was driving it to bimmerworks for state inspection (lapsed while the car was apart). I was enjoying myself (within the restriction of engine break in RPM and throttle) and remembering how much I love driving this car. Life was good....

... and then I came to a traffic light, and suddenly the car started running more horribly than any car I've ever been in.

I had to get to our baby shower, so I abandoned the car in a neighborhood. But, that evening hail was in the forecast, so instead of dealing with it myself I called a tow truck and had it flatbedded to bimmerworks for diagnostic. I wasn't feeling very good about the situation-- with how much engine internal work I had just done, it seemed somewhat likely that this was going to be a big issue.

But then, the next morning, bimmerworks emailed me these pictures, and life was good again

This was a fuel rail bolt. I had dropped it when reinstalling the fuel rail, and thought I heard it fall through. I couldn't find it at the time, so I replaced it with another bolt I had. Turns out... it didn't fall through. When I came to a stop at the traffic light, it must have fallen from where it was hiding and blocked the throttle arm, holding them closed. With no air, the engine was not happy.

Anyway, that was about as pain free of a fix as I could have hoped for! I've driven the car another 800 miles since them, and am feeling pretty confident with the the car again