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Originally Posted by arashir View Post
Are the reviewing the quality of the car, or are they reviewing the tires?
They're reviewing them exactly how they come off the lot just like nearly every other review that involves new car comparisons. Except this isn't a review, it's just a metrics test on what they consider to be important to handling. So obviously this is marketing. But the reason I quoted you is that every reviewer does the same thing. In that if they give their opinion on how this car definitely handled better during the comparison. But it could be entirely tire related like you mentioned. Yet the majority seem to accept that without question during those reviews. But in this instance it's being highly criticized.

Originally Posted by P1 View Post
But does the target audience of the 330i care? They don't.
I agree considering the price gap on the two cars is 10k+. If someone is shopping for a 30K Kia I doubt they're also cross shopping cars that cost 40% more. I think it's more like New2Roundel said in that it pushes buyers into the Kia compared to other vehicles priced in the Kia's range. Not the BMW price range.