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Originally Posted by New2Roundel View Post
This is an example of clever marketing, plain and simple. It's designed to make potential K5 owners comfortable about a purchase decision. I've done a very similar dance before. Back in 2010/11, C&D had an article showing that the then new Mustang with the new coyote engine got similar numbers to the then new e92 M3 for half the price. I owned both cars. There's a reason why the M3 was more expensive. It's just a nicer, better built car.

I learned my lessen at that point that there's no real replacement for the real thing. Perhaps the numbers can be made to look more favorable for the cheaper alternative, but the experience behind the wheel--the intangibles are what you're paying for. I have not driven either car in this particular test, nor do I have any interest in owning either. But, IMO, it's the intangibles that sell the car. For others, it's the badge. I suspect that there's way more people wishing they could get into a 3 series but only have K5 money than people looking to buy a 3 series cars also seriously considering the K5 class of car.

The only thing that BMW has failed at is having equally as clever marketing. Although not a base 3 series, I very much enjoyed my time in a current gen M340.
I donít know about this. Iíve smoked a few E92 M3s with my Ď14 GT Mustang at the track. It was a very capable car. I still miss the V8 every day compared to my M2. The BMW has nicer interior, better fit and finish. But I do miss the thrill of the GT. It wasnít so much riding a horse. It was like breaking one. Very visceral.