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Custom inexpensive no Rasp exhaust setup!

Thought I would share the exhaust system I put together for my buddies E46 M3 vert. Was trying to make a system with very little rasp and for not much money. Ordered a set of quad tips from Amazon, a Magnaflow 11386 X pipe muffler, and a set of bullet resonators (ended up not using since could not find a place for them to fit) Took it to buddies exhaust shop, removed factory muffler and ran straight pipes from section 2, left stock section 2 resonator, replaced H pipe and resonator with Magnaflow 11386 welded in. We kept the piping 2.5" and reused the factory section 2 piping. This is definitely on the more aggressive side in terms of loudness, if someone wants a similar sound but a little tamer and 100% drone free I would put in AR20 resonator towards the end, but overall it's one of the best sounding exhaust setups I've heard, and it was all under $500 with parts and labor. Will try and get some videos and update later as muffler breaks in, as this video was taken an hour after install. enjoy everyone!

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