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Originally Posted by controllerplus View Post
I got these codes about 3 weeks ago:

12DB80: Oxygen Sensor Before Catalytic Converter: Multiple Fault
12DB60: Oxygen Sensor Becore Catalytic Converter, Line Fault. Open Circuit, Virtual Ground.

Replaced the pre-cat o2. Reset the adaptations. Ran great for the whole night.

Next day. Bam. Same codes. No AFR readings. Open Loop Fueling. No short term fuel trim readings.

I'm at witts end with this car, at this point I'm willing to pay someone to help figure this out. The wiring looks normal. Untouched. All shops don't have a clue of what might be causing this. PWG dme's are pretty rare to go bad in the f30's. I don't get it. About to crash the car and insurance claim it, because I'm seriously so fucking over it.
Bad dme? And post in wrong section?