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Based on your pictures it looks like your head is done. The block may be salvageable if nothing scored the cylinder walls. You may be lucky by just getting away with replacing the piston and rings. Looks like a tappet or shim worked itself out or was installed wrong and worked its way down in when the valve opened and got tossed around like a ball in a paint can. Good chance the valve is bent and the valve seat is all chewed up. So unfortunately you'll definitely need a head. Pull the spark plug and see what it looks like. That can be a tell tale sign of the extent of head damage

You're not going to be able to remove the head with just basic tools. You need a few special tools and a good mechanical knowledge of the s54. Looks like your a basic lube tech with basic tools and limited mechanical knowledge (not to be a dick. I work in fixed op's and manage a shop at a big dealership and have dealt with techs on levels of skill from lube techs to master) so I'd definitely send this to a proper European Indy shop. Have them tear it down and go through a proper diag so you are not tossing parts and time at it.

Again just some constructive criticisms. If you need any help or any additional questions. Feel free to pm me.
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