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Originally Posted by DChange View Post
Picking up a 2004 M3 next week (convertible / manual) and will likely need new tires soon. The tire threads I've found focus mainly on high performance tires (pilot sports and the like). What's best on the track or offers the best balance between track driving and daily driving.

This will be a weekend / occasional car for me. Will be stored in the winter and have no plans for any track days. I do obviously plan on spirited driving but feel like high performance tires would be overkill in this case.

Would appreciate thoughts from the community and any insight you folks may have. Thanks!
I'm not going to go into the science behind track tires and compounds and such, as I'm sure you can read on and on the internet about all that stuff. I can offer my personal experience. There is no perfect street/track tire. But, I've had good success with Bridgestone RE71-R's, and I have friends that run Nankang AR1's. I also heard from a friend, but didn't look into it that Bridgestone is coming out with an upgraded RE71, but I didn't google the details. I am about to try a new set of stock size 19" Michelin PS4S and I hear they are fantastic. So, I am hopeful that the PS4S will be the best compromise for superb road handling and taking the beating of driving to the track, several sessions and driving home. For FYI, I run a set of 17" Apex ARC8's at the track with Nitto NT01's or Toyo R888R's on them. Both of which are a great track tire but loud and abrasive on the street. Plus the NT01 offers zero foul weather ability, especially as it ages and wears.

Hope this helps!